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How can resurface help you?

A note for therapists, doctors, drug and alcohol counsellors as well as other professionals who routinely work with groups with a high prevalence of traumatic experience, depression, low self-esteem, high anxiety and lack of purpose.


It is not unusual for clients to become blocked in conventional therapy. This can take the form of evasion, resistance, changes in cognitive patterns and a general malaise or disappointment in the therapeutic process. Resurface offers a chance to give clients a boost or an accelerated change, away from the constraints of their regular life, and inject some new found enthusiasm into their lives. Often what is needed is a more holistic, integrative experience alongside that of 1-2-1 therapy to give a new context of understanding and a more creative approach to life. 

The therapeutic approach at Resurface rests on the notion that we are an indistinct integration of body and mind, with any positive change in a client determined by looking at, accessing and invigorating both aspects of body and mind. Therefore we integrate evidence-based interventions that foster and develop both the cognitive and the somatic, concurrently expanding the introspective and interoceptive skills of each person attending.

The Resurface retreats are  intensive and include interoceptive activities (TF-yoga and HRV training), psycho-education, body awareness and physical activity, flow states (surfing), experiential group therapy and mindfulness. Our aim is to return your client to you more engaged, energised, more hopeful, having let go of some of their heavy burdens and ready to progress in their therapeutic process with you.

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