Evidence-based surf-therapy retreats

Resurface provides life changing, evidence-based week-long surf-therapy retreats and bespoke EMDR intensives for trauma, resilience and flow, creativity and self-care (clinicians) in Morocco, across Europe, the US and the UK.

Meet the founder


Josh Dickson

MSc., FDAP (accredited), SMMGP, EMDR (accredited)

Josh is an accredited EMDR Consultant, an accredited drugs and alcohol counsellor and a licenced Heartmath coach. He is the clinical director of the Resurface programme.

He has been working in private practice and as a consultant for Start2Stop since 2012 and has a special interest in treating trauma and promoting positive psychology. He is an experienced group facilitator, lecturer and public speaker.

Josh has recently finished training with The Flow Research Collective and continues to be active in research around flow states, trauma and recovery.

For more information please visit his LinkedIn Page.

All levels of surfing experience welcome from complete beginners to experienced pros
A safe, fun therapeutic space set in a beautiful location for deep work with trusted professionals

Upcoming retreats

United Kingdom January 28 2023

Day Retreat - Learned Optimism

Can you learn to have a positive outlook? And if you could, how would that change your life?

Learned optimism is a concept from positive psychology’s founding father, Martin Seligman, that argues that we can cultivate a positive perspective.

With a more joyful outlook on life, he explains, we’re in a much better position to enhance our wellbeing.

On Saturday January 28th, we will be facilitating our first city day retreat of the year. This will include all the therapeutic aspects of a Resurface retreat into day of creativity, self-discovery and self-care.

This retreat will focus on the concept of learned optimism: defining what it means and how to improve it.

The day will include yoga facilitated by Kristine, meditation, experiential work and deep relaxation with Barnaby, and pscho-education and experiential group work with Josh.

We encourage you to eat together but if you would prefer to eat elsewhere please do bring your own lunch or check out the many other places to eat in Dalston.

We have all yoga equipment but if you wish to bring your own mat please do so.

Dress for yoga/meditation in the morning. For the experiential we will use clay which doesn't stain so feel free to dress as you wish.

There is a consultation room and toilets in which to change.

Morocco March 11 - 18 2023

Trauma Resolution Retreat

It is the truly unique fusion of the power of surfing, experiential group therapy, psycho-education, mindfulness and bonding in an intimate group of 10 people that translate our healing goal into reality. We combine flow activities and group work in a progressive and efficacious way. We have clearly seen through our previous retreats that our clients often experience a deep therapeutic boost along with the acceleration of both understanding and recovery from some of their past traumas.

At Resurface we believe that it is the holistic approach of mind, body, science and fun, set in the confines of a small group in a safe environment that underline our success so far. Our aim is to facilitate turning traumas that unconsciously and negatively affect your behaviour and outlook on life today, into awareness supported by a portfolio of practical positive tactics, and a community of like minded ‘fellows’, to positively affect your life strategies and behaviours.

While we welcome everyone and have experience in treating a range of trauma related conditions, this program is particularly suitable to recovering addicts, PTSD sufferers, people with childhood issues and those frightened of life.

United Kingdom December 18 2022

Day Retreat - Mindfulness for Creativity

A whole day of Mindfulness, creativity and relaxation

During this day retreat we will discover how our natural capacity for mindfulness can pave the way for greater flow of creativity in ones work as a 'Creative' but also expanding into all aspect of life.

We will learn what mindfulness is and how it operates in both formal and informal mindfulness meditation and informal practices such as morning pages journaling and mindful walking. We will do yoga, partake in an art session , eat together, go on a mindful walk and Finish the day with with deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra)


Flow Space is a social enterprise wellness centre which exists to help everyone in the community to flourish. We offer 3 free and 3 assisted places in all of our activities which have a maximum capacity of 15. If you would like to join us but are struggling in some way please get in touch with Barney at [email protected] and he will sort something out.

Your hosts:

Georgie Mason

Georgie Mason is a boat-dwelling, nature-loving artist originally from Suffolk, now working from her studio at Stepney City Farm in London. She has exhibited internationally including at the Royal Academy and the Museum of Goa, and is currently midway through a Masters in Fine Art at City and Guilds. Georgie also has over ten years' experience as an art guide, hosting workshops at her studio for individuals and groups, as well as for teams such as Zoopla, DeepMind and Something & Nothing. She is passionate about teaching art as a form of mindfulness, and making creativity accessible to everybody.


*Barney Hosking*

Barney is co-founder and director of Flow Space, a practicing artist and a mindful based cognitive therapy teacher. He loves bringing people together to share the joys of making art and mindfulness. Previously an affordable art studio provider at Ridley Road studios in Dalston, he now lives and works between Dalston and North Norfolk.


Its the day you never knew you needed!

We look forward to welcoming you:)

Georgie, Barney and the Flow Space team

Please wear/bring:

- Stretchy clothes for yoga and mucky clothes for art

- £10 either in cash or card for lunch (we encourage you to eat together but you are also welcome to discover Dalston's other options)

- A beginners mind



"Thank you for a putting on such a life changing retreat! I’d wanted to try surfing for years but never had the confidence to so do. The structure of the week really got me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to grow in a supportive environment. I met a great group of people, had lots of laughs and shed a few tears. The professional team were second to none, very inspiring. I would highly recommended the retreat to anyone considering it."

Resurface alumni

"My experience at Resurface was nothing but positive. I gained insight, built resilience, connected with new people, and had lots of fun on top of it all. It was professionally carried out and yet familial at the same time. An absolute boost and turning point in my recovery and process of wellbeing. Everything I hoped for and more. I will definitely join at the next opportunity."

Resurface alumni

"Having spent so long being miserable, experiencing a bit of flourishing and learning to let go of my residual pessimism seemed exactly like what I needed. It was incredibly moving to see these people bravely confront their pain honestly and head-on, and it renewed my faith in the human spirit."

Queen of Retreat Review


"The work that I have done with Resurface has been invaluable.  

Past traumas have been revisited, played out working with the sub-conscious and positive endings achieved.  

 I can’t recommend this enough."

Resurface alumni

“Incredible. You, the team, and the participants have done more for my mental well-being and psychological health than 20 years of trying anything in the field...It's clear you've put so much thought into everything and not a moment or opportunity is wasted and it never feels like a conveyor belt - it's organic alchemy.

Resurface alumni

"I wanted to say thank you for a really amazing week, I didn't quite know what to expect, but the whole retreat and the way it flowed was perfect. 

The morning 'lectures' I found super interesting and helpful and the afternoon psycho drama work was intense but I feel there was a lot I have taken away from it, and the way you hosted them made a safe and comfortable environment. 

The Yoga was an excellent start to the day and I absolutely loved the surfing and Youness... and of course Barnaby’s soothing tones in the evening. 

The week has also helped with my self confidence which I feel was an added bonus. I also feel very lucky to have shared the week with a bloody nice bunch of people. I have returned to back to normal life feeling positive and optimistic and now have lots of resources to hopefully keep those feelings alive.”

Resurface alumni

“Thank you so much, its been an incredible week with an amazingly supportive group. It has really helped me realise what I need to work on and be confident enough to do it. I couldn’t have felt safer.”

Resurface alumni

“A totally enriching and fulfilling week of surfing, therapy, and connection with others - thank you.”

Resurface alumni

“Back in reality with so much lightness, insight and help; thank you Morocco helped shift me back to take responsibility. 

My highlights as I mentioned in no particular order were:

  • an amazing group and your leadership with Barnaby
  • the specially curated day in the middle and the little stop offs and the playlist.  
  • I also was in awe of the psychodramas and your skill there is quite exceptional.  I got over the terror!  
  • Thanks too for suggesting is better to do it with a room mate; that worked out really well. 
  • an amazing surf team/surf beaches I will keep going in Cornwall this summer!  

It was a brilliantly considered and inclusive retreat I can see you have taken time to research and refine.  

Will definitely recommend Resurface and especially in Morocco.  I hope you have a safe trip home and that our paths will cross again soon.”

Resurface alumni
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