Trauma Resolution Retreat

One of the most unique weeks of your life


Our goal is to give you the knowledge, tools and practice with our program designed to significantly impact your default behavioursand life strategies, in a fun and action-based week. 


It is the truly unique fusion of the power of surfing, experiential group therapy, psycho-education, mindfulness and bonding in an intimate group of 10people along with the founder of Resurface UK himself, that translate our goal into reality.  


We combine flow activities and group work in a truly unique way. We have clearly seen through our previous retreats that our clients often experience a deep therapeutic boost along with the acceleration of both understanding and recovery from some of their past traumas. 


We believe that it is the holistic approach of mind, body, science and fun, set in the confines of a small group in a safe environment that underline our success so far. 


Our aim is to facilitate turning traumas that unconsciously and negatively affect your behaviour and outlook on life today, into awareness supported by a portfolio of practical positive tactics, and a community of like minded ‘fellows’, to positively affect your life strategies and behaviours. 


This exclusive program has been carefully structured by Josh Dickson, a therapist who has gained his practical experience and insights in the field of drug addiction treatment. For more information on Josh, click here


While we welcome everyone and have experience in treating a range of trauma related conditions, this program is particularly suitable to recovering addicts and PTSD sufferers. 


What is included:


Psycho Education 

The purpose of these daily interactive workshops and lectures is to explain and frame the basics for each day’s topic (see below for list of topics focused on). Research shows that education alone has a therapeutic effect and is particularly empowering when part of a holistic program. 


Surfing lessons 

This is the core element that underlines and supports everything we do. There is a growing body of research and work that links the practice of surfing to a host of beneficial mental improvements (see herefor more information), and it is our love of surfing that has provided the initial impetus to create Resurface. 


We welcome all levels of surfing skills, from absolute beginner to experienced surfer. Surfing is a core element in developing new positive resources, so it is just as crucial that like we adapt to respond to your therapeutic needs adequately, we adapt to your surfing experience. 



So much written material is easily available about the practical benefits of integrating a mindfulness practice into our lives that we do not need to repeat it here. However, we do love the fact that neuroscience and technological advances in tomography are laying the scientific grounding and understanding that prove the benefits of this ancient practice. This is perfectly in line with our goal to integrate scientifically proven factsto our interventions. If you have never before been able to meditate and feel it is not for you, these group sessions will give you practical and realistic tools and experience to do so if you wish to bring this marvellous practice into your life. 


Experiential Group Therapy

The deep potential impact of these sessions cannot be understated. We see again and again from past testimonies, powerful realisations and revelations unexpectedly happen to most of our clients during those sessions, enabling the ignition of major behavioural changes.While each session will have a volunteer main protagonist enact a scene from their past, enrolling the help of their ‘fellows’ to do so, it is often those witnessing these that will gain the most from the process.

5-nights accommodation at the Woolacombe Bay Hotel

All meals 

The surfing is open to all levels of ability - from complete beginner to experienced surfer. At Resurface we will accommodate all your surfing needs as well as your therapeutic needs.



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