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The key to any form of lasting psychological change is re-embracing connection with others whom you value. Addiction, depression and trauma always lead to isolation, loneliness and a lack of being understood. Resurface retreats put the power of connectivity at the forefront of all the therapeutic activities. In interviews with previous clients, it is the power of the group that is reported time and again as the most powerful element of the programme.



Following a retreat, clients will be armed with new information and understanding relating to both why they felt the way they did but also information on how to progress going forward in their lives. The whole programme and all the interventions used are grounded in an evidence-based structure, built on the latest neuroscience and bio/neuro-feedback techniques. 

The Resurface Trauma Recovery programme is structured on the essential resource building stages of both EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), the only two treatment modalities recommended by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) for the treatment of PTSD.


Previous clients have reported that attending a Resurface retreat gives them a huge 'therapeutic boost', saving time and energy on their rehabilitative journey. This saving of time allows for a greater ease of implementing and integrating various therapeutic techniques, tools and resources into both their every day lives and their therapy practice (if this is relevant). As well as learning crucial new tools and interventions aimed at recovery from trauma and increasing flourishing, the retreats generate new, positive memories (themselves a resource to carry forward), generates unexpected realisations in their own lives as well as witnessing other people's courage, vulnerability and strength. This creates a great springboard into the next stage of a client's healing process. Please visit the research pagefor more details on the impact and results of attending a Resurface retreat.


A Resurface retreat is not just therapy, reflection and introspection. As well as all those things, it is a place to relax, try out surfing in a beautiful environment, bathe in the post-glow of a hard and rewarding day, develop new friendships and experience connection on a deeper level. 


A Holistic Approach

Resurface utilises a unique combination of concepts and interventions that makes for such a successful approach. The combination of mind, body, science, fun within the confines of a small group, creating a safe environment is key to its lasting success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to know how to surf?

Not at all. We welcome people of all abilities from complete beginners to seasoned professionals. In Morocco we work with the legendary Youness Arhbi.

Do I need to rent surf equipment?

No, all equipment is provided. 

Which programme should I attend?

Please contact us to discuss which programme might be best for you. 

Do I have to share a room?

Although sharing a room isn't compulsory, it is highly recommended. There is limited availability for single room occupancy and this accrues a higher price. Sharing rooms is standard practice on all our retreats and is usual throughout the industry. This allows for greater bonding, a sense of connection and community, and allows clients to off load in a more intimate way at the end of the day. We take great care in selecting appropriate room-mates and do our best to suit your needs.

Who is suitable to attend the trauma programme?

The programme is open to anyone who wants to address any form of trauma in their lives. This could be someone who is starting to look at their trauma for the first time, those who are looking to expand their pool of resources within their therapeutic process or those in recovery who may want a boost in healing from trauma.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss whether you think you are appropriate to attend or benefit from the Resurface programme. 

Is the programme only for those suffering traumatic symptoms?

Not at all. The programme will work for those who may be suffering depression or those who are looking to boost their recoveries.

Who is suitable to attend the Positive Psychology programme?

This programme is open to anyone on the depressive to flourishing spectrum. The retreat will help those who are struggling with their depressive thinking, those looking for purpose and meaning in their lives, and those wishing to increase their peak performance.

How much do the various programmes cost?

The therapy programmes costs £1950 inc. VAT. This includes the surf tuition, accommodation, dining (breakfast, lunch and dinner), and all group therapy. 

How many people will be on the programme?

We are looking to create a friendly, fun and intimate vibe and have set the programme up to accommodate ten people.

What will the weather be like?


Last October in Tamraght the average daytime temperature was 25ºC and the average sea temperature was 21ºC.

Over the year the average daytime temperature rarely drops below 20ºC even in December/January. 

What do I need to bring?

As well as regular clothing you will need to bring typical yoga/gym clothes for the Interocpetion/body-work exercises. 

Do I need to provide medical information?

On booking your stay on the programme we will contact you to gather any psychological and physical information that you wish us to have. 

How do I book?

A 50% deposit on booking and require the balance 30 days before you arrive. Any other costs will be arranged and paid for at the end of your stay.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes. In the event of cancellation by the customer, regardless of the circumstances, the following refund apply: Cancellation 2 weeks or less before due arrival date, 0% refund Cancellation 2 to 4 weeks before due arrival date, 25% refund Cancellation 4 to 8 weeks before due arrival date, 50% refund Cancellation more than 8 weeks before due arrival date, 100% refund

Is there an age limit for attending the programme?

Yes, participants must be 18 or over. 

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