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Not at all. We welcome people of all abilities from complete beginners to seasoned professionals. In Morocco we work with the legendary Youness Arhbi.

Please contact us to discuss which programme might be best for you.

The nearest airport is Agadir. Most clients will be arriving in the evening and all transfers are taken care of to and from Agadir. 

Easyjet flies to Agadir on Saturdays and the flights arrive in the evening from Manchester and London Gatwick.

British Airways is flying to Agadir from June 1st on Saturdays. Their schedule is very similar to Easyjet.

Ryan Air has changed their flights to Fridays and Sundays from London Stansted and these flights arrive in the early evening.

You can also fly to Marrakesh and get a taxi from there (this is not included in the price). The taxi journey is about 3 hours.

For the programmes in Morocco guests arrive the afternoon/evening of the Saturday (dinner is provided). The first day of therapeutic activity is the Sunday and we finish the programme with a ;leaving  group on the Saturday morning.

We are looking to create a friendly, fun and intimate vibe and have set the programme up to accommodate ten people.

Casual and comfortable clothing/shoes, examples: jeans, shorts, athletic shoes, swimsuit, pyjamas, and sweats. In cooler season add a light jacket or sweater as well as an outdoor jacket for the evening.

Personal care products: toothpaste, razor, toiletries, soap, shampoo, blow dryer, aspirin etc. Woolacombe has a pharmacy, a small Londis supermarket, surf shops, cash points, galleries and a jolly arcade.

Cash or credit card if you want to shop in town.

Books, journals, magazines, radio with earphones are okay to bring.

Yes, participants must be 16 or over unless accompanied by an adult. Please contact to discuss.

It is not unusual for clients to become blocked in conventional therapy. This can take the form of evasion, resistance, changes in cognitive patterns and a general malaise or disappointment in the therapeutic process. Resurface offers a chance to give clients a boost or an accelerated change, away from the constraints of their regular life, and inject some new found enthusiasm into their lives. Often what is needed is a more holistic, integrative experience alongside that of 1-2-1 therapy to give a new context of understanding and a more creative approach to life. 

The therapeutic approach at Resurface rests on the notion that we are an indistinct integration of body and mind, with any positive change in a client determined by looking at, accessing and invigorating both aspects of body and mind. Therefore we integrate evidence-based interventions that foster and develop both the cognitive and the somatic, concurrently expanding the introspective and interoceptive skills of each person attending.

The Resurface retreats are  intensive and include interoceptive activities (TF-yoga and HRV training), psycho-education, body awareness and physical activity, flow states (surfing), experiential group therapy and mindfulness. Our aim is to return your client to you more engaged, energised, more hopeful, having let go of some of their heavy burdens and ready to progress in their therapeutic process with you.

Yes. We provide up to 7 hours CPD a day on each of our programmes. This means that on one of our five day programmes an attendee will receive 35 hours CPD.

No, all equipment is provided. Before the retreat starts we will contact you to measure up wetsuits and any other surf needs you might have. we have an array of soft and hardboards for you to use.

You are very welcome to bring your own wetsuits/boards etc. Please let us know and we will accommodate these too.

Although sharing a room isn't compulsory, it is highly recommended. There is limited availability for single room occupancy and this accrues a higher price. Sharing rooms is standard practice on all our retreats and is usual throughout the industry. This allows for greater bonding, a sense of connection and community, and allows clients to off load in a more intimate way at the end of the day. We take great care in selecting appropriate room-mates and do our best to suit your needs.

Not at all. The programme will work for those who may be suffering depression or those who are looking to boost their recoveries.

The retreat programmes start from £1750.00  inc. VAT. This includes the surf tuition, accommodation, dining (breakfast, lunch and dinner), and all group therapy. 

The intensives are created on a bespoke basis and price will be arranged during the creation process.

The weather in central Morocco is generally glorious with sunny days all year round. Last October in Tamraght the average daytime temperature was 25ºC and the average sea temperature was 21ºC. Over the year the average daytime temperature rarely drops below 20ºC even in December/January.

On booking your stay on the programme we will contact you to gather any psychological and physical information that you wish us to have.

Yes. All participants need travel insurance to attend the retreats. Surfing is usually included in all travel insurance policies.

We ask that people refrain from drinking or any form of using on the retreats to create a safe place for people to recover. If you are doing anything illegal we have the right to ask you to leave.

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