The Resurface residential programmes uses surfing as a core element in developing new positive resources that include:


  • the generation of positive memories 

  • the mastery of new skills and an increased focus on the present

  • a profound connection with nature 

  • total engagement with the present

  • A deep sense of achievement 

  • an ability to start enjoying life again


An essential part of any recovery from trauma and depression involves the identification and development of positive resources. The Resurface programme offers those with any form of traumatic history (Post-traumatic stress disorder, Complex trauma, Developmental trauma) an opportunity to create and regenerate psychological tools and resources to take away with them, whatever their stage of recovery.

"At that point, I was looking for a reason to stay on the planet. I really was wanting to be dead and was serious about killing myself. Surfing rejuvenated me and gave me new life. It gave me something to hope for, and then when it started having serious [positive] effects on my health, it started feeling spiritual to me. It seemed ridiculous at the time. It was nonsensical, but it worked."

- Steven Kotler, The Flow Genome Project

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