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Good Grief? - Channel 4

Full clip of Josh from Resurface featured on the Channel 4 documentary 'Good Grief?' with Richard Coles.

An Interview with Youness - Resurface Head Surf Coach

Youness discusses what he does at Resurface and why surfing is so important in his life.

A Talk on Trauma Stabilisation for Heartmath UK

A talk on trauma stabilisation for Heartmath, January 2019.

Adverse Experience Techniques

A recent talk with Gavin from HeartmathUK on what to do if a client has an adverse reaction during a meditation session.

Youness Surfing Dwirra

Youness Surfing Dwirra.

Moving the mind beyond trauma - Headtalks Podcast

Josh Dickson is a therapist who works with EMDR — eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing — therapy to help clients overcome past traumas. He says he has both experienced and witnessed its effects. Josh tells us the theories about why stimulating the brain helps it to file away old, painful memories and explains how he uses it in practice. After treatment, he says, many are able to say their trauma has gone.

When Surfing Is Therapy And Therapy Is Surfing - Goodness Chick Podcast

Today's guest is Josh Dickson, director of ResurfaceUK , a program that 
provides week-long-surf-therapy retreats for trauma, positive psychology and 
self care that are held in Morocco. 

We look at how combining good vibes, forced mindfulness (surfing) and individual & group therapy creates a strong platform for therapeutic change. Examining how non-conventional methods of therapy hold tremendous value and ability to foster change. 

Utilizing the "Flow State" for Recovery - Beyond Risk and Back Podcast

“Flow-state” an altered state of consciousness is the complete mental, emotional, and physical immersion in an activity. This state of mind can be extremely influential in recovery, helping people regain control of their lives and the decisions they make. Resurface, based in Morocco, provides evidence-based week-long surf-therapy retreats and bespoke EMDR trauma, positive psychology, creativity, and self-care.

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