At Resurface we are able to create bespoke, week-long individual intensives in Morocco, treating trauma or enhancing your peak performance needs. 


These include daily 1-2-1 EMDR sessions, surf lessons, positive psychology, HRV* biofeedback & coherence training, neuro-priming**, mindfulness and 1-2-1 yoga.

Resurface provides 5 day (with a rest day in the middle) intensive programmes for adults for either the rapid treatment of trauma or a significant improvement in peak performance. The treatment intensives include daily EMDR sessions, trauma-focused yoga (for the trauma intensive)/coherence training (peak performance intensive) as well as daily surf lessons and the opportunity for a massage or hammam. 


The intensives run as an integrative experience over the five days.


  1. This starts by consolidating a detailed history taking that will start prior to arrival, resulting in the identification of past traumas, present day negative triggers and troubling future anxieties.

  2. A thorough preparation phase will begin the treatment process where stabilisation and resourcing techniques will be assessed and implemented if necessary. This includes psycho-education, creating a collaborative treatment plan and a user-friendly explanation of the EMDR process, including its three-stage, eight-phase protocol.

  3. Once the client is deemed resourced and stable enough we will move to trauma confrontation, desensitisation and reprocessing of the traumas/blocks to performance and the installation of positive cognitions (phases 4-8).

  4. Daily trauma focused yoga/coherence training will be implemented. This is to give the client both a source of resilience and stabilisation, and an opportunity to access and release some of the somatic symptoms associated with trauma/blocks to peak performance in a bottom up manner, complimenting the top-down approach of EMDR.  


The daily surfing gives the client the opportunity to combine fun and exhilaration with the development of new skills and a sense of accomplishment, as well as connection to nature and the opportunity to live “in the moment”.


Please see this link for further explanation of the therapeutic benefits of surfing.

Please get in touch for further details.


  • HRV biofeedback is a non-invasive intervention that utilizes operant conditioning principles to help individuals actively regulate their autonomic arousal. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a phenomenon that demonstrates the flexibility and health of the nervous system and is measured by the time interval between heart beats. The more flexible the cardiac and nervous systems are, the larger the variability between heart beats is and the more adaptive the body is to change.

  • HRV Biofeedback uses sensors on the fingertip or earlobe to measure HRV and displays this information using visual and auditory cues. By seeing and hearing information about a physiological phenomenon such as HRV, an individual can actually learn to make changes in their cardiac function, therefore strengthening their nervous systems. This mechanism of action is similar to other forms of learning: the more the brain is rewarded, through visual and auditory information about the body, the more flexible and regulated the nervous system becomes. Through repetition of this training, the body can learn to increase heart rate variability and over time improve the overall health of the nervous system. Research shows that HRV training can be helpful in reducing symptoms of PTSD and depression, among other conditions.


  • Halo Sport works through a process called Neuropriming. Halo Sport is worn before or during physical training, and the device's soft foam Primers deliver a small amount of electrical stimulation to the brain’s motor cortex. 

  • Neuropriming with Halo Sport places the brain’s motor cortex in a temporary state of “hyperplasticity,” or hyperlearning. When paired with athletic training, Halo Sport facilitates the development of stronger, more optimized neuromuscular output. Improved neuromuscular output leads to more precise, coordinated, and/or explosive movement — whichever the athlete targets during training. In other words, Neuropriming refines the brain’s ability to learn and adapt to athletic training, which allows athletes to achieve results faster.

  • Scientists have rigorously analyzed the benefits of various types of neurostimulation over the past fifteen years, including transcranial direct current stimulation (abbreviated “tDCS”). Hundreds of peer-reviewed academic papers document the efficacy, reliability, and safety of tDCS for motor skill performance. In addition, Halo’s team of doctors and neuroscientists conducted thousands of hours of in-house testing before beginning to design Halo Sport.

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