United Kingdom March 30 2024

Working with Grief @The Wave

# # # A day retreat including surfing, yoga, experiential work, deep relaxation and psycho-education, taking place at The Wave, Bristol


Do you feel stuck in your grief? Do you want to reconnect with yourself and others who understand your pain? Do you need a break from the stress and sadness of everyday life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have the perfect opportunity for you.

Join us on Saturday,March 30th for a one-day retreat that will help you start to heal your grief and begin to find joy again.

You will get to experience all the benefits of a Resurface retreat, such as:

Surfing in a safe and controlled environment, with expert guidance from The Wave staff.

Pip Roberts is a yoga facilitator (NOW studios, Bristol, heavy meditator, sound therapist, creator of Now Studio (Bristol) - a huge enthusiast of restful practices Pip will be sharing NSDR and yoga on the day.

Psycho-education and group work, facilitated by our experienced therapist Josh.

A supportive community of people who share your journey and your goals.

Our retreat is open to anyone who is dealing with grief, whether it is recent or old, personal or collective, simple or complex.

We will help you understand the nature of grief, how it affects you, and how you can cope with it. We will also help you express your emotions, release your pain, and embrace your potential.

We have two levels of surfing available: beginner and intermediate. Please let us know which one you prefer when you book your spot.

To find out more about The Wave please click here.


Surf lessons
Experiential group work
Deep relaxation



This is the core element that underlines and supports everything we do. There is a growing body of research and work that links the practice of surfing to a host of beneficial mental improvements, and it is our love of surfing that has provided the initial impetus to create Resurface. You will have the option to book either a beginner class or an intermediate class.

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The purpose of these daily interactive workshops and lectures is to explain and frame the basics for each day’s topic. Research shows that education alone has a therapeutic effect and is particularly empowering when part of a holistic program.

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The deep potential impact of these sessions cannot be understated. We see again and again from past testimonies, powerful realisations and revelations unexpectedly happen to most of our clients during those sessions, enabling the ignition of major behavioural changes.While each session will have a volunteer main protagonist enact a scene from their past, enrolling the help of their ‘fellows’ to do so, it is often those witnessing these that will gain the most from the process.

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So much written material is easily available about the practical benefits of integrating a mindfulness practice into our lives that we do not need to repeat it here. However, we do love the fact that neuroscience and technological advances in tomography are laying the scientific grounding and understanding that prove the benefits of this ancient practice. This is perfectly in line with our goal to integrate scientifically proven facts to our interventions. If you have never before been able to meditate and feel it is not for you, these group sessions will give you practical and realistic tools and experience to do so if you wish to bring this marvellous practice into your life.

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At Resurface we believe that all our therapeutic interventions must be evidence-based and proven to work. As well as detailed assessment and onward referrals for those who want it, Our research shows significant decreases in anxiety and depression, and an increase in outlook after attending a Resurface retreat.

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Meet The Team

Josh Dickson

Josh Dickson

Josh is an accredited EMDR Consultant, an accredited drugs and alcohol professional and a licenced Heartmath coach. He is the clinical director of the Resurface programme.

He has been working in private practice and as a consultant for Start2Stop since 2012 and has a special interest in treating trauma and promoting positive psychology. He is an experienced group facilitator, lecturer and public speaker.

Josh has recently finished training with The Flow Research Collective and continues to be active in research around flow states, trauma and recovery.

For more information please visit his LinkedIn Page.

Kristine Steffenak

Kristine Steffenak

Kristine is a medical doctor with experience as both a GP, emergency medicine and Obstetrics/Gyneacology, working in both the UK and Norway.

She completed her 200 hours yoga teaching in Kerala, India, in January 2019 and is certified by Yoga Alliance USA.  In June 2020 she completed her Power Yoga training with the London Power Yoga Company. She recently completed her 300 hours  TCTSY (trauma sensitive yoga) facilitation training with the Trauma Centre, Brookline, Massachusetts. 

Kristine is a keen photographer and her photos can be seen on the Resurface Instagram page.


The Wave

A slice of the ocean inland.

The Wave is a ‘slice of the ocean’ which opened in Bristol in November 2019 and brings the joy of wave-riding and benefits of blue health to people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities - from a child stepping on a board for the first time, to a professional surfer training for the Olympics.  

It’s about getting back to nature, improving health and well-being, connecting with other people, enjoying wonderful food and drink, immersing yourself in an incredible day out and having a load of fun in the process!

The vision of Founder, Nick Hounsfield, the game-changing business brings together cutting-edge wave making technology, nature, and a fresh way of thinking. Based on a passion for water, waves and the outdoors, it is on a mission to nurture a world of hope, health and happiness with every wave.  


It was the first destination of its kind to open in the world and is powered by Wavegarden Cove technology. The innovative tech provides up to 1,000 waves of varying sizes and shapes an hour - with heights starting at 50cm and peaking at almost 2m, there is something for everyone. Every aspect of the experience, from perfect waves and supportive coaching, to tried and tested wetsuits and boards, has been designed to ensure that surfing really is fun for all. 

You can visit their website here.


This is a guide to the day's activities. Although we hope to stick to this schedule, we reserve the right to change the timings.

9.30am Meet and greet

10.00am Yoga with Pip

11.00am Psycho-education on Grief with Josh

12.30pm Surf Lesson

2.00pm Lunch in the group room

3.00pm Experiential Group with Josh 

4.30pm  NSDR (Non-sleep Deep Rest) with Pip

5.00pm Finish

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not unusual for clients to become blocked in conventional therapy. This can take the form of evasion, resistance, changes in cognitive patterns and a general malaise or disappointment in the therapeutic process. Resurface offers a chance to give clients a boost or an accelerated change, away from the constraints of their regular life, and inject some new found enthusiasm into their lives. Often what is needed is a more holistic, integrative experience alongside that of 1-2-1 therapy to give a new context of understanding and a more creative approach to life. 

The therapeutic approach at Resurface rests on the notion that we are an indistinct integration of body and mind, with any positive change in a client determined by looking at, accessing and invigorating both aspects of body and mind. Therefore we integrate evidence-based interventions that foster and develop both the cognitive and the somatic, concurrently expanding the introspective and interoceptive skills of each person attending.

The Resurface retreats are  intensive and include interoceptive activities (TF-yoga and HRV training), psycho-education, body awareness and physical activity, flow states (surfing), experiential group therapy and mindfulness. Our aim is to return your client to you more engaged, energised, more hopeful, having let go of some of their heavy burdens and ready to progress in their therapeutic process with you.

Not at all. We welcome people of all abilities from complete beginners to seasoned professionals. We will be running concurrent beginners and intermediate session - please let us know if you would like to book as a beginner or as an intermediate.

No, all equipment is provided. Before the the day starts you will be able to measure up wetsuits and any other surf needs you might have. The Wave have an array of soft and hardboards for you to use. 

We do encourage people to bring their own wetsuits and boards if they wish to.

The therapeutic element starts at 10am and we encourage you to arrive earlier so that you can check in with the surf team and arrange your equipment needs.

Yes we require that participants be 16 or over.



Exit motorway at junction 17.At the roundabout, take the first left, signposted B4055.Follow the B4055 for 1.7 miles, passing through Easter Compton.As you leave Easter Compton, continue for 170 yards. The Wave entrance is on your right.


Exit motorway at junction 17. There are two filter lanes on the right. Stay in the left-hand one, signposted B4055.At the roundabout, take the third exit, signposted B4055.Follow the B4055 for 1.7 miles, passing through Easter Compton.As you leave Easter Compton, continue for 170 yards. The Wave entrance is on your right.


There is a 15 minute walk from the car park to The Clubhouse. Please remember to arrive at least 60 minutes before your surf and make sure you have signed your waiver online before arriving to site.We have limited Blue Badge holder parking at our Clubhouse. Please ask at the Gatehouse for a parking permit on arrival.

The Wave

Washingpool Farm Main Road, 

Easter Compton


BS35 5RE

United Kingdom March 30 2024


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