"Deep work coupled with sincere laughter"

"I wanted to congratulate you on putting together and executing, what was in my view, a more than successful active,

therapeutic get together. I use the term get together, because the 5 days felt very relaxed, informal, organic yet professional. It was a triumph. Deep work coupled with sincere laughter, learning and of course surfing." 

"It was a transformational week. I’ve never surfed before and the staff couldn’t have taken better care or made me feel more at ease. The group was supportive and I made many new friends. I’m so glad I made the decision to attend Resurface."

"My experience at Resurface was nothing but positive. I gained insight, built resilience, connected with new people, and had lots of fun on top of it all. It was professionally carried out and yet familial at the same time. An absolute boost and turning point in my recovery and process of wellbeing. Everything I hoped for and more. I will definitely join at the next opportunity."

"Thank you for a putting on such a life changing retreat! I’d wanted to try surfing for years but never had the confidence to so do. The structure of the week really got me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to grow in a supportive environment. I met a great group of people, had lots of laughs and shed a few tears. The professional team were second to none, very inspiring. I would highly recommended the retreat to anyone considering it."

"The work that I have done with Resurface has been invaluable.  


Past traumas have been revisited, played out working with the sub-conscious and positive endings achieved.  


I can’t recommend this enough."

"I was apprehensive that my weight and fitness level would hinder my ability to be involved in the physical activities, I was delighted to find this was not the case. Surfing was a lot of fun and soothing to my soul. 

I cried tears of sorrow and of laughter, met some wonderful like minded people, experienced new things and got to know more about who I really am. An opportunity that I will treasure.”

"I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to attend the resurface retreat. I looked at old traumas in a safe & supporting environment. It was a very well organized & balanced programme. I would definitely recommend it."

“Thanks for a great week – great in equal measure for me and my two teenaged children:  The total physical absorption in the surfing is such a great complement to the brain (and soul) fodder of the positive psychology classroom.  We all loved it.”

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